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Facial Contouringin Brentwood, TN

Your Face's Beautiful Potential

Expert Facial Contouring in Brentwood at American Aesthetics

The aging process causes a loss of elasticity and a softening of formerly sharply defined facial features. This affects men and women equally as collagen and elastin production naturally decline with age. Facial volume loss and drooping skin may also be caused by losing weight, changing your lifestyle, or genetics. Non-invasive Facial Contouring in Brentwood, TN, at American Aesthetics can help you look younger and improve your confidence.

Refine Your Jawline

What is facial contouring?

Facial Contouring is a popular non-surgical alternative to surgical facelifts and plastic surgery that uses injectable dermal fillers and other non-surgical solutions to contour and reshape your face. With age, skin loses its elasticity, causing laxity and sagginess. This is especially evident in the face. Non-surgical facial contouring is a great way to make your features seem more youthful and delay visible aging.

Facial Contouring Brentwood, TN  Brentwood

Contoured Cool

What are the benefits of facial contouring?

Non-surgical facial contouring helps you bring out your best look with far less downtime than plastic surgery. Often, you will see immediate results for less cost than surgical alternatives. Treatments can last for up to a year, or in some cases, even longer, making your new look relatively easy to maintain.

Look Younger and Refreshed

Am I a good candidate for facial contouring?

You are most likely an excellent candidate for our Brentwood Facial Contouring procedure if you wish to experience significant anti-aging effects or are dissatisfied with some areas of your face and want to do something about it. Making a consultation with a professional is the only way to obtain accurate information regarding the non-invasive facial contouring procedures that will work best for you.

Feel Inspired and Confident

Your Facial Contouring Procedure

American Aesthetics offers facial contouring for your lips, jawline, chin, cheeks, temples, and nasolabial folds to ensure that we can address all aspects of your facial structure. Your procedure will be tailored to fit your unique needs. During your consultation, we will listen to what your needs, wants, and desires are first and foremost. After our discussion, we will be able to find a customized plan of action to contour your face to have you look younger, smoother, and healthier. Your self-confidence and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Tailored To Make The Best You

Facial Contouring Recovery

With Facial Contouring Brentwood patients' recovery will depend on the extent of their procedures. At most, you might have some slight bruising and swelling at injection sites which should dissipate within a few days.

Facial Contouring Brentwood, TN  Brentwood

Long-Lasting Looks

Facial Contouring Results

Your facial contouring results could last from a few months to over a year with the proper maintenance. This, of course, is reliant on the improvements we decide will work best for you. Our team at American Aesthetics is dedicated to giving you natural-looking enhancements to bring your beauty and confidence to every mirror you see. So schedule a consultation to learn how we can wipe years off of your face, leaving you looking rested, youthful, and regenerated.

The Age of You

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If you look in the mirror and are concerned about age being more than just a number, you should schedule your consultation with your new friends at American Aesthetics! Come see how our Facial Contouring experience will return your youthful appearance and the joy that comes with it!

Facial Contouring Brentwood, TN  Brentwood

Just Right. Just For You.

Your American Aesthetics Tailored Treatment Plan

American Aesthetics treats each patient like family. That means we listen, and that we want the best for you. Whether you're interested in facial or body cosmetic enhancement, we know that cultivating a thoughtful, genuine, and trustworthy relationship is vital for achieving the best long-term results.

That's why we never resort to shortcuts, simple sales tactics, or a one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, we go deeper. We put in more time and effort to learn about you and your needs. Our thorough, personalized, collaborative consultation process is the foundation we use to ensure each patient receives the right plan to suit their individual needs. Together we create a strategy that meets your needs, delivers the excellent results you deserve, and helps you establish a home care routine that will keep you looking great for years to come. That’s what it means to be part of the American Aesthetics family.

Facial Contouring Frequently Asked Questions

We passionately subscribe to the belief that every treatment experience should, and will be unique to each patient. Your provider will discuss with you post-treatment protocols and expectations prior to your Facial Contouring treatment. Most often, patients experience minimal to no downtime.

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Through an authentic, friendly, and purposeful approach to aesthetic rejuvenation, we are highly educated skincare professionals who provide our patients with the ability to look and feel their best at any age. American Aesthetics will provide a tailored cosmetic experience near Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville, TN. Schedule a consultation to begin building your relationship with us.

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